En route to Mount Shasta in northern California


Mount Shasta in Northern California

In our road trip coast to coast by United States, today we leave San Francisco en route to the north.

At midnight we have approached the airport to our friends Dolors and Miquel, so we have to rest in two parts, more bad than good, so that this day we start it again alonedawn and me.

We had a really good time with this great couple, sharing a really beautiful part of our itinerary from Phoenix to San Francisco.

Shasta Lake in Northern California

We have traveled together, among other places, the Monument Valley, the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Los Angeles, the Sequoia Park and San Francisco and its surroundings.

Fifteen days "to remember forever”.

On this day of transition to the north, we crossed all the remaining California, almost 600 kilometers by places full of forests, mountains and fabulous places for mountain fans.

The highway crossed great mountains together, in a continuous up and down, with immense views of vegetation that seems unbeatable and unexplored.

What to see in Shasta

During the route we have deviated from the road to visit the Shasta Forest, a National Park with extensive forests and lakes.

In the latter there were quite a few marinas where people arrived with their huge pick-ups me motorhomes with large towed boats that descended easily and quickly to the lake.

Shasta Lake in Northern California

Other visitors made picnic in barbecues in places enabled for this purpose.

The recreational infrastructure of the country is really wonderful and the people's purchasing power is beastly, because of the large number of people who can afford it.

In the final section of our route today we have passed by Mount Shasta,a sleeping volcano that usually explodes every 600 years (the last one was about 200 years ago).

According to the mythology of the local people, the great glaciers of the mountain are “the marks of the feet of God when one day the Earth came“.

At Mount shasta a strange phenomenon occurs: in the last 60 years, glaciers have almost doubled in size, against the general trend resulting from global warming.

Shasta Lake in Northern California

He Mount Shasta ("White Mountain") It is 4,322 meters high.

It is the largest volcano in the mountain range and is not connected to any nearby mountains.

It rises steeply and is about 3,000 meters above the surrounding terrain.

The mountain has attracted the attention of poets, authors and even presidents.

Thus, the former president of the United States, Theodore Roosevelt, said:"I believe that the evening twilight on Mount Shasta has been one of the greatest visions of which I have witnessed."

Shasta Lake in Northern California


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Mt Shasta City and Dunsmuir, the small towns located near the western base of Shasta, are nerve points for many religions, ranging from a Buddhist monastery (Shasta Abbey) to the current rituals of some group of Native American Indians.

I am Activity" from Guy ballard, and the "Prophet Universal and Triumphant Church" from Elizabeth Clare, are probably the best known among the numerous groups participating in the spiritual heritage of Mount Shasta.

About 19 hours we arrived at the hotel in Yreka, a town in northern California, very close to the state of Oregon, a small population of about 8,000 inhabitants.

In short, it has been a very pleasant day, on the road, but with a great landscape, changing and attractive. Great contrast compared to San Francisco. High temperature, about 36º.


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