How to see General Sherman in Sequoia National Park in California


Sequoia National Park in California in the United States

In ourroad trip coast to coast by the United States, after visiting the city of The Angels, it's time to go back to interior of california In search of our next stage.

Its aboutSequoia National Park, where to arrive we expected a journey of more than 400 kilometers by car.

HeSequoia National Park It is located in the southern part of the mountain range known asSierra Nevada, and has an extension of 1,635 square kilometers.

Giant sequoia General Sherman in Sequoia National Park

The trip to the park has been fantastic, for a Interior californiawhere we have seen vineyards and landscapes, if you can say so, in a certain way in Mediterranean style.

We have passed close to ash tree and Sacrament (state capital) although we have not stopped to visit them; In some guide we have read that in Sacramento is where there are more car thefts in the United States.

As we approached the national park, thelandscape It has been changing to become more mountainous, with peculiar shades between green and brown.

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  • What to see in the visit of the Sequoia National Park

What to see in Three Rivers in California

Our hotel was a few miles from the entrance of the national park, in a small town of beautiful name, calledThree rivers, where, obviously, three rivers converged.

Giant sequoia trees in Sequoia National Park

Three riversIt is a typical mountain town where, apart from the possibility of visiting the Sequoia Park, the visitor finds a wide range of activities, such as hiking, kayaking, camping, etc ...

Our hotel, on this occasion of the Best Western chain (For some unknown reason there were no hotels that were usual for us), it had spacious, well-maintained rooms, with very nice views.

Managed by Hindus, the hotel also had a swimming pool, and after installing and taking a tour of its facilities, we have gone to know theThree Rivers town.

There we decided to eat in a Mexican managed by ... Mexicans. Nice and well prepared food.

We take, I think everyone, someCrowns (there they are called Crowns, as in Mexico). Apparently, in Spain the name ofCrowns It was previously patented and is the only country in the world this famous beer is calledCrowned.

When we finished our little Mexican banquet, we left for the park.

Entrance to the Sequoia National Park in California

The main characteristic ofSequoia National Park inCalifornia is his famous forest ofgiant sequoia trees,

In it is the sequoia known asGeneral Sherman, the largest tree in the world that draws attention for its spectacular, 84 meters high and 11 meters in diameter.

Inside the park is also themount whitney, the largest summit of the United States outside the territory of Alaska, with a height of 4,418 meters.

Other places of interest are the Kern river canyon and theCrystal cave, a marble cavern.

What to see in the visit of the Sequoia National Park

The park entrance It is the typical booth where the entrance is paid and where they inform us that, for works on the main road (and access road to the area where the redwoods are located), a step had been established with change of address every hour alternately .

Notice of presence of bears in the Sequoia National Park in California


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They recommended that while our alternate passage address was opened, we visited the Visitors Center from the park.

As usually happens in this country, in the Visitors Center They attend you very kindly and offer you the information you need according to your intentions and expectations.

Bears in Sequoia National Park

They also informed us that throughout the park there are free bears.

They recommended us not to leave food in sight, nor to emit smell of food from inside the car because the bears could approach it and try to open in their own way, of course.

They also recommended that if a bear appeared to us, the best thing we could do is to remain still and immobile, since in this way nothing usually happens and in the end they leave.

Giant sequoia General Sherman in Sequoia National Park

The word that worried us most about this recommendation was “usually”.

In our Visitor Center visit, through very clear graphics and murals we could have an overview of the park.

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Thus we had information about its history and aspects related to fauna, flora, geological characteristics, bears, Indian tribes in the area, etc ...

Honestly, it is worth spending a few minutes to capture the essence of where we are.

In all the National Parks there are also some guides, usually young people type scouts, that if you want, in exchange for a tip, they can explain what interests you most.

These guides are known as rangers.

Giant sequoia General Sherman in Sequoia National Park

As we still had time before they opened the road in our direction of travel, we stopped at a place that we had been recommended to visit.

Castle Rock in Sequoia National Park

It was called Castle rock, from where various hiking trails started, and where you can see some peculiar rock formations.

We spent a while in this area contemplating the high peaks of this mountain park and its large and endless forests.

When parking the car in this place, shocked by the possible appearance of a bear friend, we took the gum and candy from the car and hid them next to the left rear wheel.

We thought that if the smell of chewing gum attracted a bear, it was better to leave the delicacy out and not destroy the vehicle, which would have made the trip dust.

Giant sequoia General Sherman in Sequoia National Park

Finally neither bears nor anything, we recover the gum and continue the march.

The route was still long, about 20 miles along the interior roads of the park, until reaching the area where the giant sequoia trees.

The road was the typical and beautiful zigzag mountain road, beautiful, with formidable views of the lush valleys and high peaks.

Sequoia General Sherman

As we approached the redwood forest, the road became denser and these giant trees began to appear, little by little.

We left the car in a parking area, and started our fantastic walk through the forest following the path to the biggest sequoia, the so-called General Sherman.

Giant sequoia General Sherman in Sequoia National Park

It was overwhelming to see those trees !! We felt in a way like gnomes They live in the forest.

There are few words to describe these trees, huge, old, hard, like the General Sherman, who has been on this Earth since 200 years before Jesus Christ.

!! It is very strong!

Many formidable sensations in our visit of the Sequoia National Park, first of all what we saw, which really seemed like a movie, like an unreal dream.

We return to our formidable hotel, and after some restful showers we have dinner in our room all four, tired, but satisfied by this beautiful day of enjoyment in those forests, whose trees make you feel tiny, very tiny.

Due to dates, we had decided a few days ago to do without visiting the Yosemite National Park, and head straight for San Francisco.

We already had a great argument to return to California: visit Yosemite.