Best tips to visit the El Capricho art garden in Madrid


Reed House in Pond of the English garden of El Capricho

One of the big surprises that can bring you atourist trip to Madrid is the El Capricho parka lovely artistic garden.

And if you live in Madrid, it is very possible that you have not visited it yet given its special location far from the city center, and because it is a little known corner of the capital.

I can tell you that possibly Caprice be the most beautiful garden in Madrid.

French garden at El Capricho in Madrid

It is not a Park to use, such as the Retirement or that of West.

It's about a artistic garden whose origin dates back to the end of the 18th century, when Dukes of Osuna they decided to build a residence on the outskirts of Madrid.

Its beautiful configuration is a sample that once was the scene of the filming of the film Dr. Zhivago, and currently in summer they are scheduledconcerts and dance shows in El Capricho park.

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Where is El Capricho park

He El Capricho park is in the Osuna Mall, next to Juan Carlos I park, not far from Baraja's airport.

Templete the Abejero in English garden of El Capricho

In the 14 hectares that extend next to the one outside palace house of the Dukes of Osuna With neoclassical architectural style you find two clearly defined areas, with a french style garden and other english style garden.

In both areas there are numerous and curious corners, many of them known as «whims ».

It is a park open to the public for free, but with limited hours on weekends and holidays.

Given its special characteristics and the curiosity of its corners, if in addition to walking you want to deepen the historical and artistic knowledge of this garden, I advise you to visit it in one of the Guided visits which in spring and autumn performs Carpetania Madrid.

What to see in the visit of El Capricho Park

With an approximate duration of two and a quarter hours, during the guided visit You will be able to know the history of this picturesque garden, and you will discover the different corners that you will find during your walk.

Palace of the Dukes of Osuna in El Capricho Garden

The visits begin at the door of the park, and then begin the tour of the french garden.

French garden of El Capricho

In this first garden area of ​​the 18th century, in a neoclassical style and with geometric shapes, you will know the meaning of the Columns of the Duelists.

Then you will arrive at the Emperors Squarewhere will you see the Exedra and you will pass by Labyrinth before arriving at neoclassical palace of the Dukes of Osuna.

Civil War bunker in El Capricho

As you enter the english style garden, you'll see the chimneys of a great bunker of the Civil war It extends under the surface for about 400 square meters.

Emperors Square in the French garden of El Capricho

English garden of El Capricho

After discovering the Temple of the Abejero, you meet the whims of the remains of the Romanesque church and the Fort, Italian-style castle, which was built for the enjoyment of children.

You will also know the enigmatic black love tree story, just before arriving at pond, with the corner of the Cañas House, old pier of falúas next to a curious iron bridge, and the funerary monument.

During the visit you will discover the byzantine hermitage, and the story of the hermit who lived in it, just before reaching the Temple of Dance.

Templete del Baile in the English garden of El Capricho

Old House in El Capricho

Already near the exit of El Capricho park, you will meet the curious Old House and his garden.

And finally, you will know what happened to this residence and gardens after the ruin of one of the descendants of the Dukes of Osuna, before they were acquired in 1975 by the City of Madrid.

English garden of El Capricho in Madrid

Schedules visit El Capricho park

If you decide to go on your own at El Capricho park, you should know that it is only open on Saturdays, Sundays and holidays, with schedules from 9 a.m. to 9 p.m., from April to September, and from 9 a.m. to 6.30 p.m., from October to March.

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The admission is free although there is a limit to the number of people who can access during a day to avoid crowds.

Guided tours of El Capricho Garden

The guided tours of El Capricho Garden with Carpetania Madrid They are held on Saturday or Sunday, at 11 am, and to book, you must register on their website beforehand.

The guided tour prices They are 10 euros, with discounts with cards YOUNG, ISIC, Cultural Traveler Passport, AFAIJ, Fnac Club and collaborators