This is the visit of the Petrified Forest park in Arizona


Petrified wood in the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

Today, finally, we enter Arizona, in this newstage of our coast-to-coast journey through the United States. And the first thing we've done has been to visit the Arizona Visitor Center.

In this new state we plan to visit Phoenix, the Navajo nation, he Monument Valley and the Grand Canyon.

And in Phoenix we will meet with Dolors and Miquel, great friends of ours from Cardedeu (Barcelona) who will join us on the trip for about two weeks, and who we already want to see.

Landscapes of the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

Arizona is, along with New Mexico, Utah and Colorado, one of the so-called Four Corner States, the only point of U.S where four states form a vertex.

It is a prominent tourist attraction, although we do not visit it when leaving our itinerary.

The first thing we do in our Arizona route is to visit for about four hours the Petrified Forest national park.

Located in the northern part of the state, it is close to Interstate 40 and also to the Indian communitiesHolbrook andNavajo.

In this curious park is the largest and most colorful concentration of petrified wood. In it, millions of years ago there was water and forests, but now it is completely arid.

Information panel of the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

The geological evolution of the Earth has been creating sedimentary strata for centuries, which we now appreciate for their different colors and a great sense of immensity.

A petrified forest is a type of fossil formed by wood in which all the organic material has been replaced by minerals (most of the time, quartz), although it retains the original structure of the wood.

Originally, millions of years ago, trees in the large wooded area died from natural causes and were buried under layers of sediment.

Water rich in silica slowly penetrated them until the wood turned into logs into stone.

Landscapes of the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona

The entire petrification process takes place underground, after the wood has been buried under sediments, so that it is preserved thanks to the absence of oxygen.

The varied range of colors These stone trunks are due to the fact that pollutants have been added to the quartz during this process, thereby acquiring yellow, red or other shades.

The petrified wood It can retain its original structure in detail, up to the microscopic level.

Structures such as growth rings and various tissues can be observed frequently. Petrified wood has a hardness similar to that of quartz.

Landscapes of the Petrified Forest National Park in Arizona


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He Petrified Forest national parkit's actually made up of six forests, where we can mostly see extinct species of sequoia Triassic. The route inside the park is about 28 kilometers.

This park has impacted us a lot for its beauty and also for its geological aspects. The wood has petrified! and the trunks of those trees are now stone!

And they have also been found dinosaur fossils We could see in an exhibition.

This is our second night in Arizona.

Pictures Petrified Forest of Arizona

Here you have more photos of the Petrified Forest park in Arizona.


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