The best photos of the Christmas Lights in Madrid


Christmas in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid

Every year it is traditional that the beginning of the Christmas season in a Madrid Come marked by a walk through the center of the capital to enjoy the Christmas lights and, by the way, photograph them.

And I will tell you that we are many who take advantage of the first day of Christmas lighting on to take pictures during that walk.

Therefore, if this year you consider going to See the Christmas Lights on, do not be surprised to coincide with many people who go with camera in hand, and especially mobile, portraying the most prominent corners of the Christmas lighting In the centre of Madrid.

Looking ahead to your possible walk, I anticipate that the usual thing is that some novelties in regard to the designs of such lighting, although most of the designs from previous years are maintained.

In this sense, the great novelty of the past Christmas was the lighting of the Gran Vía, which coincided with the inauguration of the remodeled avenue that now gives all the prominence to the pedestrian promenade, with the very wide sidewalks won to cars .

Refering to Main Square, the same designs of the previous year were maintained, decorating with light candles the facades of all the buildings in the square.

Now, the decoration that we like every year is the one you can see in the Alcala street, on the stretch from Cibeles to Alcala Gate, which I advance you is really spectacular.

For its part, in the Precious Street It also calls Christmas decoration a lot with luminous arches which are synchronized with the chimes of the clock Sun Gate.

Christmas tree at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid

As sure you plan to take advantage of the Christmas holidays to go to the center of Madrid to see the festive atmosphere, in which the aforementioned lighting acquires a great prominence, here you can check the Christmas lights schedules 2019 in Madrid.

Also, as a reference, here is the list of streets with Christmas lighting in Madrid during the past Christmas.

Christmas photos in Madrid

In advance of your visit, enjoy theseChristmas photos in Madrid During the past year, with images of Christmas lighting in the main corners of the center of Madrid, as well as other Christmas scenes that could be seen on a walk through the city center.

Christmas lights on Preciados street in Madrid

The central Precious Street He showed the same decoration as in the last two years, with huge luminous arches that in one sense of the street look blue and in the other, white.

Christmas lights on Preciados street in Madrid

These luminous arches are synchronized with the bells of the Puerta del Sol clock, so that when they ring, they are doing a colorful dance with a beautiful multimedia show.

Christmas lights on Arenal street in Madrid

In the Arenal street the new design that was released in 2017 was repeated again, compared to the designs of circular lights that were usual before in this street.

Christmas lights at the Puerta del Sol in Madrid

As usual, Christmas decoration in the Sun Gate Madrid is focused on the large Christmas tree located in the center of the square, which maintains the same design as last year.

Christmas market in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid

One of the classics at Christmas in Madrid is the Christmas market of the Main Square where you can buy Christmas decorations, such as lights or nativity scenes.

Christmas lights in the Plaza Mayor in Madrid

Christmas lighting in the Main Square Madrid this year maintained the same decoration that was released in 2016, with bright candles that are distributed throughout the facades of the square.

Christmas tree in the Plaza Mayor of Madrid

A novelty last year in the Plaza Mayor was the great Christmas tree that becomes the great protagonist of this place so visited in these holidays.

Christmas lights on Montera street in Madrid

On your walk through the center of Madrid you can see the Christmas lighting in numerous streets and squares, like this traditional lighting of the montera street, Next to the Sun Gate.

Christmas tree in the Plaza de Callao in Madrid

In the central Callao Square you could see again the Christmas tree that maintains the design of luminous arches of the adjoining Preciados street.

Christmas lights on the Gran Vía in Madrid

As we have already mentioned, the great novelty of last year in relation to the Christmas lighting it was the one that was installed in the new Gran Vía, renovated avenue that premiered at that time of year.

Christmas lights on the Gran Vía in Madrid

In the Gran Via the lights not only covered the road where the vehicles circulate, but also the wide sidewalks that we can now walk who are going to enjoy the Christmas in the center of Madrid.

Christmas lights on the Gran Vía in Madrid

Building Metropolis of the Gran Via He was once again highlighted not only by Christmas lighting, but also by his own lighting.

Christmas lights on the street of Alcala de Madrid

Every year it is spectacular christmas lights decoration that can be seen on the stretch of the Alcala street that unites the Plaza de Cibeles and the Alcala Gate.

Roundabout in front of the Royal Palace at Christmas in Madrid

In the Plaza de Oriente In recent years a traditional great roundabout has been installed, which makes it an ideal place to take children to enjoy it in front of a monument as impressive as the Royal Palace.