This is the visit of Nashville, temple of country music


Country music atmosphere in Nashville in Tennessee

In our coast to coast travel in the United States we arrived to Nashville, capital of the state of Tennessee, although the most populous is Memphis.

Nashville It is located on the banks ofCumberland River and it is usually known as Music city (City of Music) since it always has a strong musical implantation along with an important record industry.

It has also been called for a long timeSouth Athens, due to its educational institutions and its neoclassical architecture.

Country Music Museum in Nashville on the coast-to-coast journey through the United States

We start our journey in Nashville visiting the Country Music Museum (Country Music Hall of Fame & Museum).

Country music museum

It is a museum dedicated entirely to this type of music, of which Nashville is one of the pioneer cities and currently one of its central nuclei.

Very complete, very well designed and with a lot of information, after visiting it and hear itBecause a museum dedicated to music should make it easier for us to listen to it, you come out with a deeper understanding of the importance of this music, both in Nashville and throughout the United States.

In the museum shop we bought several CDs, s of Country music, which we have heard many times throughout the trip. Great travel companion music, highly recommended !!

Modern buildings in Nashville in Tennessee

Then we took a long walk through the center (downtown) of the city, specifically, by Broadway Avenue, visiting outside the Tennessee State Capitol Building, building that houses the Parliament of the state.

On the banks of Cumberland River we have seen a historic steamboat that reminded us of Tom Sawyer.

We also saw the stadium of the Titans of American football, and we went to visit the Tennessee State Military Museum (free admission), as well as in the museum dedicated to local singer Charlie Daniels, which was located at the bottom of a music store.

As a great representative of country music, Nashville It has many places where live music is played all day, from morning until dawn. Most of them you find around the street Broadway with the 2nd Avenue.

Old steamboat in Nashville in Tennessee

A lot of country music, a lot of cowboy boots, a lot of Hank Williams (great driver and creator of this music back in the first half of the 20th century), Dolly Parton, etc ...

The places where musicians perform are pub bars where they serve fast food, such as sandwiches, hamburgers or chicken at reasonable prices. A beer costs $ 4 and is enough for you to sit and listen to the groups that act.

To also highlight the great quality of the musicians, who interpret both country music, rock or country / rock.

In several of these bars people dance between the tables, and sometimes there are girls together from the public who dance following country steps and choreographies, which adds a new attraction to the music itself.

Country music atmosphere in Nashville in Tennessee


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We visited four of these places in the afternoon and a couple more at night, after dinner at one of those music bars. Great experience. If you like music, you will enjoy.

The very hot day, in which the sun gave us 45º when picking up the car from the outdoor parking lot.

In summary, Nashville It is a beautiful city with an enviable surname: Music city.

Nashville Pictures

Here you have more photos of the city of Nashville and its country music museum.