This was the visit of the National Mall monuments in Washington


Lincoln Memorial in the National Mall of Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranc

For ourWashington visit, at coast to coast travel in the United StatesWe had a reservation to stay at the motel Ramada Inn, in College park, near the federal capital.

But before we had to travel 254 kilometers from Lancaster, where we left at 08:30 hours.

We arrived to College park by midmorning, and once installed in the motel, we headed to Washington DCwhose center downtown It is 15 miles away.

White House in the National Mall of Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranc

Washington DC, located on the banks ofPotomac river, is a city planned at the end of the 18th century to serve as the permanent national capital of the United States.

Previously, several other localities held this position since the independence of the country in 1776.

Because of its political importance, Washington it is a place of frequent manifestations, particularly in the National Mall.

This great avenue is also a popular destination among tourists due to the numerous monuments and places of national interest, and because it is a center of American history and culture.

At National Mall is the museum complex world's largest managed by the Smithsonian Institute

Monument in front of the White House in Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranc

National Mall Monuments

For an hour we have driven with the car through Washington and, finally, we have parked very close to the White House. Being Saturday, parking is free, as indicated by the put in.

From then on, we started a great walk crossing both facades of the exterior White House (to visit it inside you have to ask for a reservation well in advance, what we had not done for not conditioning the trip), and then we have surrounded the great obelisk of the Washington Monument.

We have also visited the World War II Memorial, he Korean War Memorial (there were flowers and a flag of South Korea) and the Vietnam War Memorial.

The latter is the monument More exciting, simple, with the names of all the American soldiers who died during the war.

There is a statue with the figures of three life-size soldiers, and each of them represents one of the majority ethnicities (white, black, Hispanic).

Vietnam Memorial in Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

We also visited the Lincoln Memorial, where in a building with large classical columns is the great statue of the President Lincoln

This monument is well known because it has appeared in many films, including the Planet of the Apes, although, in this case, with a Lincoln With ape face.

From the steps of Lincoln Memorial there is a great view of the huge esplanade of National Mall, with the great obelisk, and in the distance, the Capitol (about 5 kilometers ...).

We were sitting for a while in the Lincoln Memorial Staircase admiring the panoramic, with the rectangular pond in the foreground, corner that has been the scene of the great political concentrations of Martin Luther King and against the Vietnam War, and movies like Forrest Gump.

Lincoln Memorial in the National Mall of Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranc


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We continue our walk / walk between ministerial and official buildings, all stately, until Pennsylvania Avenue 1600 (the White House again).

There, exhausted, with the legs that were already alone, we took the car and headed towards the Arlington Cemeterywith the intention of visiting, above all, the tombs of the brothers Kennedy and Jacqueline.

After crossing the Potomac river, we appear before him Pentagon, huge building, and we discovered surprisingly, on the other side of the Arlington Cemetery, he monument to american soldiers representing the famous image of the flag setting on Iwo Jima, almost at the end of the Second World War.

Vietnam Memorial in Washington - Photo: Salvador Samaranch

The statue is not identical to the famous photo, but it suggests the same idea and has been inspired by that photo that, by the way, was not spontaneous, but was repeated several times.

We leave the visit to Arlington Cemetery for the next day and we headed to our motel, where we arrived tired, but satisfied and prepared to absorb what was seen and lived.

In Washington it impacts that by municipal regulations there is no skyscraper, and instead it shows a very stately city center for its buildings, the imposing avenues and the numerous monuments, all associated with American films.

Ah! Note that in Washington DC the museums and almost everything that can be visited is free!

Washington Tour from New York

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National Mall Pictures

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