16 places to see and things to do during the Los Angeles visit


Panoramic views of downtown Los Angeles in California

Visit Los Angeles It is one of the important milestones of a trip through the West Coast of the United States, although many visitors may be disappointed to some extent.

Or at least it may not meet certain expectations you may have, which I now explain.

I anticipate that many of the places you can see in Los Angeles You will be very familiar because of the great prominence that this city has acquired thanks to the cinema or television series.

Hollywood sign in Los Angeles

This also happens starting with other North American cities, such as New York, San Francisco or Las Vegas,

But then, when you have the opportunity to visit them, it may seem to you that reality does not meet the expectations of fiction, which in particular happened to me with Los Angeles.

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  • What to see and do in Los Angeles
  • Places to see in Hollywood
  • Places to see in Downtown Los Angeles
  • Places to see near Los Angeles
  • Tours and excursions in Los Angeles

Tips for visiting Los Angeles

From the outset I will tell you that it is a city of incredible dimensions.

Really what you are going to travel during your visit to this city is the so-called Los Angeles County, a huge conglomeration of residential areas linked by highways and large avenues.

Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles

There is located not only the Los Angeles city and, but also other adjacent cities and towns, such as Beverly hills and Santa Monica.

If you do not travel by car, but you will arrive by plane, it will be useful to know how to get from LAX airport to downtown Los Angeles, which you can do by bus or subway.

Where to stay in Los Angeles

No doubt it will be useful to choose the place where you want to stay to avoid excessive travel, for which it will be useful find a hotel in Los Angeles through

In this regard, on my trip we opted to stay in a hotel located in a service area of ​​one of the many highways that join the different places that we were going to visit later, which facilitated some rapid displacement.

What to see and do in Los Angeles

At the time of knowing The Angels, you may not want to complicate and prefer to sign up for one of the guided tours in Spanish They teach you the city.

Footprints of artists' hands and feet on Hollywood Walk of Fame

But if you prefer to walk it on your own, I'll give you some basic recommendations and tips to take into account when planning yourtrip to Los Angeles.

Regardless of whether reality is not similar to the image you may have of the city, I will tell you thatThe Angels It has enough attractions to satisfy all its visitors.

Places to see in Hollywood

You will not be missing interesting places to visit and activities to do.

Walk of Fame on Hollywood Boulevard

While Hollywood Boulevard it is possible that when you visit it it seems like a street much more normal of what your cinematographic imagination would lead you to dream, I assure you that nobody leaves the visit of the indifferent Hall of Fame.

Hollywood Boulevard in Los Angeles


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Stroll along the stretch where the Dolby Theater and the Grauman Chinese Theater, and look for the stars waves traces of your favorite actors, is a habitual exercise of any tourist that boasts.

But above all you will find a great atmosphere around the world of cinema, and you will also have the possibility, from a viewpoint, of See the famous Hollywood sign.

There are many people who disguised asfamous movie characters they wander among tourists with the aim of earning a tip for yield your image to take a picture with them.

Since Snow White untilBatman, hePirates of the Caribbean orSuperman.

And with these characters you will also find numerous musicians who play pieces or songs related to movies.

Your walk through itHollywood walk of fame It will be a future of all kinds of characters that give it the atmosphere of a true theme park in which cinema will be the main protagonist of your visit.

Ideal for children ... and older.

Entrance to the Dolby Theater in Hollywood in Los Angeles

Dolby Theater in Hollywood

He Dolby Theater It is one of the icon places of Hollywood Boulevard because there the annual ceremony of delivery of the Oscar awards.

Maybe it sounds more to you with the name it had when it opened in 2002, that of Kodak Theater, but since 2012 it has the new name after the bankruptcy that in that year suffered the famous company of photography and cinema films.

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On your trip you have the option of visit the Kodak Theater and thus see one of the famous statuettes of the Oscar.

Artists stars in Hollywood

If there is something that you will surely want to do when you arrive in Los Angeles, it is see the stars of the artists on the sidewalk.

Artists stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

You can do that for all the Hall of Fame, and is the reason why this stretch of Hollywood Boulevard It has this denomination, although it is also known as the Walk of the Stars.

An exercise that you will surely do, as all tourists do, is to go looking for the stars of your favorite actors or actresses.

I anticipate that there are more than 2,200 stars installed since 1958, when this custom began.

Grauman Chinese Theater in Hollywood

Another of the iconic corners of this famous Los Angeles Avenue is the Chinese Theater, also know as Grauman Theater.

With a curious and striking Chinese style in its architecture and interior decoration, it is one of the movie theaters where more movie premieres take place in Hollywood, so the most famous artists go through it continuously.

Chinese Grauman Theater in Hollywood in Los Angeles

You can also visit this theater.

Footprints of artists in Hollywood

Right in front of Chinese Theater is where you can see another one of the Hollywood's most visited places, the sidewalk where the most famous actors and actresses are capturing thehand and footprints.

As with the aforementioned stars, a ceremony of your visit to Hollywood Boulevar It will be to look for the tracks of your favorite artists.

Footprints of artists' hands and feet on Hollywood Walk of Fame

Places to see in Downtown Los Angeles

The most central area of ​​the city of Los Angeles It is known as the Downtown.

There the big ones are concentrated big skyscrapers of the city as well as the most historic neighborhood.

Here are some places you can see and know during your Downtown Los Angeles visit.

And here you have more information to visit the downtown areaDowntown Los Angeles (in English), with maps with the streets and buildings of the Downtown, Civic Center, Historic Center, Chinatown and Little Tokyo areas.

Village of Los Angeles in Downtown

Los Angeles Town on Olvera Street

The place that can be considered as the historical area where some vestiges of the colonial city are preserved, is the area known as the Los Angeles Town, which is in Olvera Street.

It is a historical monument where in 1930 an enclosure was built that emulates a Mexican town.

Some of the buildings date back to the time of the founding of the city in 1781, and now it is an area of ​​shops, restaurants and recreational activities and shows.

Central Station Union Station

One of the most curious charismatic and design buildings in the central areaDowntown Los Angeles is theCentral Station Union Station.

Central Union Station in Downtown Los Angeles

Founded in 1939, it was the last major railway station that has been built in the United States.

The building surprises with itsSpanish colonial design architecture, and to complete the atmosphere, the building is surrounded by a garden area with large palm trees and other exotic-style plants.

US Bank Tower and Library Tower

TheUS Bank Tower is thetallest skyscraper in Los Angeles.

But not only that, it is also the tallest building in the United States west of the Mississppi river, and, therefore, of California.

Located in theDowntown Los Angeles, with its 310 meters high it was inaugurated in 1989, and in the building is the headquarters of the US Bank.

Skyscraper US Bank Tower in Downtown Los Angeles

It is also known asLibrary Tower because in front of the same street is theCentral Library of Los Angeles.

This other well-known Downtown Los Angeles building was built in 1926, and is the third largest library in the United States due to the size of its stock of books, newspapers and magazines.

Los Angeles Civic Center

In the building complex known as Civic Center you can see the building ofLos Angeles City Hall(Town City Hall).

Built in 1928 with 32 floors, until 1968 it was the tallest building in Los Angeles because of the fear of possible earthquakes, no other skyscrapers were built with greater height.

You will also find known asLos Angeles Music Center, where you will be surprised Walt Disney Concert Hall, a concert hall whose design totally remindsBilbao Guggenheim Museum, because it has been designed by the same architect,Frank Gehry.

Walt Disney Concert Hall in Downtown Los Angeles

Opened in 2003, it is the headquarters of the Los Angeles Philharmonic Orchestra.

In the same complex is theDorothy Chander Pavillion, one of the three largest art centers in the United States.

Between 1969 and 1987, and in some later years, it was the scenario chosen for the delivery of Oscar awards, the last edition being that of 1999.

Places to see near Los Angeles

In addition to visiting the city center, the aforementioned Downtown, and the area of Hollywood, on your trip to Los Angeles you should also go to other nearby places that are essential to complete the visit.

Views of Los Angeles from Griffith Park

Go up and visit the Griffith Observatory

If you have rental car for you Los Angeles visit, it will be worth it to climb the mountain that is north of Hollywood.

From the viewpoint of Griffith Observatory you will have the opportunity to enjoy the best panoramic views of the mentioned urban conglomerate Los Angeles County.

You also have the possibility of visit this astronomical observatory, which you can also reach in the Dash Observatory bus that leaves from the Vermont / Sunset Station of the Metro red line.

Beverly Hills and Rodeo Drive

On the way to Santa Monica, west of Hollywood, you will have the opportunity to take a walk around Beverly hills to see the great mansions of this very luxurious area of Los Angeles County.

Rodeo Drive in Beverly Hills in Los Angeles

There you also find the famous shopping area of Via Rodeo Drive. with numerous luxury stores that are frequented by artists who have their residence in an exclusive mansion Beverly hills.

Santa Monica

On your trip to Los Angeles you can not miss a visit to its famous and television beaches.

The most advisable thing is to go to Santa Monicawhere can you see the popular pier pier with attractions Fair and restaurants, which also makes it an ideal option for a night visit.

In Santa Monica you can also see the famous Muscles Beach.

Santa Monica Beach in Los Angeles

Universal Studios

And from my point of view, a key stage of your trip to Los Angeles is to spend one day touring one of the movie tops, theUniversal Studios.

The most attractive, in addition to enjoying a fun theme park mounted around the world of cinema, is to do the Tour of the Universal Studios sets.

During this tour you will surely enjoy to the fullest by reliving the atmosphere of some of the most popular films in the history of cinema, such as Shark, Psychosis, King kong or Return to the future.

Universal Studios of Los Angeles

Tours and excursions in Los Angeles

If you want to sign up for a guided tour for your visit to the great Californian city, here you can check the information on Spanish tours and excursions in Los Angeles.

You have from a full tour of Los Angeles, to more thematic tours like the one that takes you to Hollywood and the Famous Houses or at california beachesWell, in addition to going to Santa Monica, you will also visit Venice Beach and Marina del Rey.

You can also sign up for a excursion to San Diego or even a 8-day West Coast circuit.