Oregon - Hiking on Crater Lake, the deepest lake in the United States


Panoramic views of Crater Lake in Oregon

Crater lake It is one of the hidden jewels of the United States.

Very few non-American tourists know the existence of this National Park of the West Coastspecifically in the state of Oregon.

Precisely to be found about 700 kilometers north ofSan Francisco, places you outside the most common west coast routes among those who travel to that area of ​​the United States.

Crater Lake National Park Visitor Center in Oregon

I will tell you that it is about deepest lake in the United States, which occupies an impressive crater opened about 7,700 years ago, when the volcano Monte Mazama It collapsed after a great eruption.

Now Crater lake It is a national park and an authentic experience of enjoying nature.

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What to see in Crater Lake

The visit to Crater Lake It's not just about seeing the lake.

It is a visit to which, if possible, it is convenient to dedicate time because once you get there, the landscapes will impress you and you will want to enjoy them in full nature.

If you like hiking and nature walks, it is an ideal place.

Hiking in Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

From the north, if you want to get to Crater Lake from Portland, you must travel 375 kilometers.

Access to crater lake national park It is done through an impressive forest of immense sequoia trees, which at certain times the lush flora makes a sunny day darken.

The first thing you have to keep in mind is that the ideal is to make the visit in the morning so that you can enjoy it quietly, because the park can only be traveled in daylight.

Therefore, it is convenient to sleep in a nearby accommodation.

Where to sleep in Crater Lake

And as advice, it is advisable to arrive at the accommodation when there is still sunlight.

Crater Lake National Park Road in Oregon

These places are formed by a huge, almost virgin forest, and the road that runs through it has no lighting, so the only light you will see will be that of your vehicle and that of the moon.

In addition, the forest is plagued with deer, and if you go at night, as was my case, you will have to go very slow because they go out on the road and you may have a problem if one gets to cross.

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Inside the national park and almost at the edge of the crater, you find the cabin complex Mazama Village, a dream place but not always affordable for all budgets.

Being a large natural area, there are no populations in many kilometers.

But near the southern entrance of the park there is another area of ​​cabins much more affordable (Union Creek Resort), which is the most recommended accommodation for most visitors.

Of course, you have to book early because the complex has only 30 cabins.

They are beautiful cabins in the middle of the forest, a small shop and also a small restaurant where you can have dinner and breakfast.

Lake views of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon


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Once with your insured accommodation, I will tell you that there are three accesses that the national park has, and already inside there is a road that borders the crater, in addition to countless trails and roads.

Inside the crater you will see there is a small island with trees; if you want to see it up close, the ideal thing is that you access through the south entrance.

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By this access, which is the most spectacular, you arrive at Mazama Village Visitor Center where you can hire, if you are interested, a boat ride through the crater, which includes surrounding the island.

Mockup on the viewpoint of Crater Lake Lake in Oregon

In addition there is another visitor center, Rim, which is not open from October to May as there are some areas of the national park that in winter are closed to the visit due to winter conditions.

Continuing along the circular road you will find many viewpoints where there is audiovisual information that explains how this wonder of nature was created, as well as many other curiosities.

From the edge of the crater there is a large slope with ravines to the water. You will also find that there are several trails that take you to the shore.

But the really interesting thing is not to descend, but quite the opposite, to ascend the hills from where you will have stunning views.

Aerial views of Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

Crater Lake schedule and tickets

As the national park can only be traveled during the day, the Crater Lake visiting hours They vary according to the time of the year, depending on the time of sunlight.

The Crater Lake ticket prices They are, for a car with all its occupants, 10 dollars, and the pass gives you access to the park for seven days.

If you travel by motorcycle, the price is 5 dollars per person.

In summary, in Crater lake You will be able to enjoy the beautiful landscapes that are inside the crater as well as outside it, with immense forests of redwoods, without counting on the pure air that you can breathe.

A highly recommended, unforgettable visit.

Entrance to Crater Lake National Park in Oregon

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